The Benchmarking Report provides data and discussion of many topics that affect biking and walking. In Chapter II: Find Your Angle, you will find stakeholders from different sectors discussing why they promote bicycling and walking and the data that helps them in that effort.

Use the Find Your Angle chapter to learn about their efforts, gain inspiration for more topics to explore in Chapter III: Make Your Case, and then discover how to use the report data in Chapter IV: Show Your Data.

People support biking and walking for a variety of reasons. The Benchmarking Report is intended to provide data from diverse sources, so report users can decide how best to present that data within their communities. The following six people represent potential users of the Benchmarking Report, and their stories are included here to inspire you as you engage with its myriad data.

“Find Your Angle” is based upon statements that were provided in response to a questionnaire that is reprinted in Chapter V: Appendix.

The views expressed by individuals in this chapter do not necessarily represent the views of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The perspective of an elected official is included to highlight the role of elected officials in promoting biking and walking. This is not an endorsement for public office.