The Benchmarking Report provides a wide array of data about bicycling and walking. In Chapter III: Make Your Case, you will find discussions of current issues related to bicycling and walking. It also includes data that come from researchers and may help promote bicycling and walking.

Use the Make Your Case chapter to learn how bicycling and walking can improve communities; which tactics and strategies federal, state, and community governments can adopt to encourage bicycling and walking; and what challenges are limiting efforts to improve conditions for people who bike and walk.

This chapter shares 10 sections organized around themes that affect bicycling and walking. Each section includes up to six topics:

  • One to three subtopics EXAMINING CASES that look at current issues of bicycling and walking
  • A topic on “ADVANCING UNDERSTANDING” that identifies areas where data could be improved
  • A topic on “EMBRACING EQUITY” that explores social, economic, or racial differences related to aspects of bicycling and walking, including barriers to participation faced by different groups
  • A topic on “MAKING THE HEALTH CONNECTION” that discusses public health in the context of biking and walking.