Federal transportation funding provides tens of billions of dollars each year for projects. These projects can improve conditions for people biking and walking or make them worse.

On this page you will find new resources on important funding programs for biking and walking improvements and sections of the Benchmarking Report that take a deeper dive into the context of governance and funding in transportation funding.

New for 2022 – Funding Programs under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL)

Transportation Alternatives Program

The long-time champion of funding bicycling and walking projects is bigger and better under the BIL.

Highway Safety Improvement Program

After years of states not using safety funds to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety, a major policy shift requires spending on bicycle and pedestrian safety under the BIL.

Sections from the 2018 Benchmarking Report

The 2018 Benchmarking Report on Bicycling and Walking in the United States provided in-depth looks at transportation governance and the funding and financing of transportation in the United States. While some of the data cited in these sections may be updated elsewhere on data.bikeleague.org or in other sources, the background context provided by these sections may help you better understand why transportation funding works the way it does.