City: Staff & Community Support for Biking & Walking

By Ken Mcleod | August 17, 2020
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Cities show their support for bicycling and walking in a variety of ways. This section looks at indicators of support such as bicycle and pedestrian education in schools, staff working on bicycling and walking-related activities, participation in national award programs, and organizational involvement in bicycling and walking-related issues by League of American Bicyclist (League) member…

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State: Infrastructure for People Biking & Walking

By Ken Mcleod | August 10, 2020
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There is no national reporting system for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. States rarely report on the extent of their bicycle and pedestrian networks, but sometimes do so as part of a bicycle, pedestrian, or active transportation planning process. Relative to other transportation infrastructure, more bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure may exist under Departments of Natural Resources,…

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